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Almost every LMS in the market offers gamification to maximize the impact of your corporate training and to ensure that your training program meets your business objectives. In fact, gamification has now become synonymous with e-learning and it is hard to imagine one without the other. So how do you recognize the ideal LMS for your organization? For starters, the LMS needs to be able to address and integrate all your concerns with respect to e-learning. Here are the top five LMSes that are best known for their gamification features, and this is how you could benefit from them:


Gamification LMSs
Gamification LMSs
1. Axonify:

Axonify helps you establish a modern, healthy learning ecosystem with its wide range of features. The tool facilitates easy learning by letting you create micro content, which is easy to consume and remember. It rolls out the learning content based on what users know and what they don’t, in real time. This mode of adaptive learning isn’t restricted to the type of device or format supported either. Axonify is accessible from almost any device and supports content formats such as videos, text, images, Tin Can and SCORM. It employs six key game mechanics together, that drive high employee engagement and participation in learning programs. In addition to driving business performance, Axonify also ensures that users have fun while learning. In fact, Axonify claims that it achieves 80 percent voluntary participation rates with corporate learning.

2. Accord:

A great choice for small businesses and multinational enterprises, Accord LMS helps you gain returns on your training investment by cutting down administrative overhead and increasing learner engagement. The LMS offers a simplified learner experience and quick access to learning content. You could import leaners in bulk and keep them informed of the latest learning assignments, site status and learning activity using SMTP settings, Email address settings, status and license notifications. Accord also comes with a PDF template feature that allows you to create high resolution PDF documents for certificates, course content and announcements. It lets you customize your layout, font, background and images by offering a learner UI template catalog. The gamification feature on Accord helps you sustain your organization’s learning momentum by rewarding users with badges and constructive feedback. Users can earn Activity Points by completing course modules, and also earn badges in recognition of their competencies. Learners can review their number of points on the Learner’s Display Name in the top right corner of the LMS. Accord also showcases leaderboards to display learners’ progress.

3. Growth Engineering:

The pioneers of gamification in online learning, Growth Engineering strives to eliminate boredom and dullness in learning through gamification. It provides learners with experience points for using the platform and achieving their goals in learning. The tool lets course administrators design cool badges to motivate learners to complete the course. Leaderboards display the names of the top learners and the badges they’ve earned, and encourage a healthy competition among learners to get their names on the leaderboard. Each course is designed with levels that take users through a logical learning journey as they complete each learning goal.

4. ExpertusOne:

A superior LMS experience that enhances your training impact, ExpertusOne streamlines learning activities with real time compliance tools, mobile analytics and efficient workflows. The gamification feature on ExpertusOne is a fully integrated, recognition-based tool that uses social strategy to further user learning. It recognizes the accomplishment of learning goals of users by rewarding them with points and badges, and also facilitates peer recognition. The gamification tool has an easy-to-use dashboard and data captured in real time. It allows users and trainers to rate and evaluate training and conduct searches based on those ratings.

5. Adobe Captivate Prime

This LMS serves as a holistic solution to all your organization’s e-learning requirements. Gamification on Adobe Captivate Prime ensures a fun and interactive e-learning experience for your users. It recognizes and rewards user performance in courses by providing badges. Display of details of users who top the courses on leaderboards motivates users to perform better and race ahead. For every learning goal accomplished, users and administrators are notified of the milestone reached within the course, thereby fostering a sense of accomplishment in learners. Adobe Captivate Prime allows seamless export of course completion and performance data to other systems and databases within the network. It lets you generate transcripts of learner data in the form of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. You could also customize the look and feel of the LMS by selecting from the extensive range of themes, colors and design elements available. Additionally, you could also create multiple catalogs of content and share them between different Captivate Prime accounts. This is particularly useful with large organizations that need to share content across departments or locations for specific periods of time. Captivate Prime features the Fluidic Player – a single platform to access multiple content formats such as Word, PPT, PDF, Excel, audio, video, AICC, Flash, SCORM compliant content and more. It also allows users to access course content in online and offline modes. And yes, it allows user import in bulk and as individuals and self.


• Micro content
• 6 key game mechanics to drive employee engagement
• Tin Can and SCORM compliant
• Multi-device, multi-format support
• Achieves 80% voluntary participation rate

• Bulk import
• PDF template
• Customization
• Activity points, badges and leaderboards
Growth Engineering:
• Badges, leaderboards and activity points
• Levels for each learning goal accomplished

• Evaluation of training
• Ratings of training course
• Real time compliance tools
• Mobile analytics
• Efficient workflows
• Points, badges and dashboards

Adobe Captivate Prime:
• Leaderboards, badges, milestones
• Personal dashboards
• Fluidic Player
• Learner transcripts
• Customization
• Flash, SCORM and AICC compliant



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