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There is no doubt that social media has become a gigantic part of our lives. We cannot imagine what it would be like to live a life where social networking sites do not have the same impact as they do on us today. Statistics show that the number of people of all age groups using social networking sites such as Facebook and Instagram keeps increasing every day. And wherever the people go, the marketers must follow close behind.

It has become necessary to involve a social media marketing scheme in your business’s marketing campaign in order to become a frontrunner amongst the competition and take your business to the next level. Taking the help of a social media marketing or management software is the easiest path you can choose as a small business. But who should you go with as there are at least a hundred or more software platforms you can commit to for this purpose? Do not worry. We have sorted out 5 of the best social media marketing software in recent times and by the end of this piece, you will know for certain which one to choose.


Zoho Social is one of the major social media marketing software available in the market and rightly so. The interface is the easiest yet arranged in a manner that you can view your entire business with a single glance at your dashboard. It also gives you the freedom to collaborate with team members on the software, making the process easier. One of its few cons includes the inability to manage two accounts of the same social site at once.


While Adobe Social is one of the leading software, it is not necessarily the best. It is not suitable for bigger businesses and corporations and provides analytics that lack deeper meaning. But Adobe Social has all the features that a leading social media management software should have  and boasts a number of unparallelled features such as the ability to view all social media dashboards at once in one place.


The reason behind the popularity of Sprout Social is that it is fun, colorful, and innovative as any other software. You can connect to multiple platforms at once and receive carefully customized reports. While they always keep updating and improving on the existing features, there are limitations on what you can do within the connected applications.


Buffer allows you to create content, post it, collaborate with your team mates for better results and work process, and schedule posts for automatic publication. It is pretty straightforward and simplistic, in all senses. So if you are looking for a social media marketing software that can provide you with a detailed analysis of the performance of your online campaign, then Buffer is not the one for you.


Hootsuite is also one of the bigger names in the market in this regard. It is complex, filled with never seen before features and facility. But this complexity in function does not make it any difficult to use. You can also receive analytics of your performance and check where you need to improve. The interface is a little difficult to figure out due to all the features but once done, it is a pleasure to use.


While it takes a bit of time to figure out, Hootsuite may be classified as the best of the lot as once learned properly, it can become a great asset in expanding your small business to a large enterprise.




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