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Merg­ers are easier said than done. Making two diverse groups work together has been tough for more than 2,000 years.

Alexander conquests has been more than any­one be­fore him. He tried various strategies to keep his conquest safe which was not very popular amongst his people. He adopted the cloth­ing and cus­toms of these “bar­bar­ians” and even mar­ried their women. Alexan­der in­sisted that his Mace­don­ian troops ac­cept Asians and Per­sians as equals, even as su­pe­ri­ors. He arranged a mass wed­ding of some 10,000 Mace­do­nians with bar­bar­ian wives and recruited Per­sian sol­diers into his army. When he thought they Persians will rebel with his Mace­don­ian troops to mutiny, he started to ap­point Per­sian of­fi­cers. His muti­nous troops begged for­give­ness.


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