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You hired a talent. You trained him. He excelled. Now you fired him due to adoption of technology in your Company that rendered him irrelevant.  You didn’t show a slightest of remorse, an empathy or a bit of sensitivity in your interaction. “Sorry, your services are no longer needed in the Company due to automation in the designated skill”, you said plainly.  Ignoring him, you moved on and the chill ran down his spine. Transfixed, he  felt dumped. He felt he was a mercenary of a sort, and  was paid for what he did. If you are HR Manager of this sort, surely there is a devil that lies coiled within you, and it keeps popping up its ugly head to act all powerful, unmindful of employee’s feelings. You are not a right guy for an ideal organization.

Thank your employee profusely and also thank your stars if he quietly bottled up his anger and moved on. You won’t perhaps hear  from him in the future. He might on the contrary leave some good words on the mail for you out of established exit norms. However, should he decide to voice his concern, particularly in media, the fallout could indeed  shake the pillars of Company. The resulting ramifications hold a  potential to cause an unmanageable loss of reputation to your Company. Let us take a good look at the consequences and take away some lessons from it.

Three Serious Consequences You Can’t Ignore:

  1. Your brand could take a hit, denting reputation and creating negative public perception, leading to reduced talent inflow and ability to retain employees, thus impacting business.
  2. It could impact negatively on employees’ motivation, morale and give rise to rumor mongering thus vitiating engaged working environment and might cause low productivity and inferior quality output.
  3. Leads to creating an environment of endless apprehension, uncertainty and fear of losing jobs amongst employees, and more seriously, loss of trust in the HR Managers at various level.

Three Simple Ways You as HR Head can Retrieve from a Serious Situation:

  1. Correct/remove any anomaly or hurdle in the way of smooth exit of your employee. Don’t waste time justifying the unjustifiable if some mistake had taken place.
  2. To make ‘exit’, a smooth affair for any employee being removed, ensure that you listen to him with patience. He is hurt and wants to give vent to his feelings. Try and help him in whatever way it is possible.
  3. You would do good as HR Manager if you can plan ahead, visualize impact of technology led disruptions on the employees headcount and work out a well-planned transition plan for their exit/absorption laterally. It is quite unprofessional on the part of HR Managers to fire from the hip.

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