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Learning Management System or Talent Management System
Learning Management Systems and Talent Management Systems play very distinct, and yet, slightly intersecting roles in an organization’s growth. Both these systems have one common attribute. They have been designed to work around employees of an organization, although their function is vitally diverse. Let’s take a look at 5 differences between Learning Management and Talent Management Systems. Defining quality A Learning Management System (LMS), by definition, is an application that manages, deliver, documents, reports, andRead More
Introduction: As a business expands, workforce increases. For management to effectively implement the organizations strategies, managing the workforce is important. Management of the employees life cycle in the organization is a cumbersome task and can get extremely complicated if done manually. To avoid that, various types of HR management systems are used at different stages of the employee’s lifecycle to ensure a smooth functioning of the Human Resources organization. While there are numerous management systems,Read More
The ever-increasing automation of key business processes and outsourcing of non-core functions have revolutionized the way businesses are run today. The focus of the managers has moved from management of tasks to spending more time on activities that add value to organizations such as process improvements. The early automation of accounting functions helped improve access to data. Financial modeling solutions developed in the 80s and 90s led to fundamental changes in the roles of FinanceRead More

20 Must-attend HR Conferences in 2017

Posted by David Perry   on August 11, 2017
Category :HR News
Introduction: Employee skill can be built by a number of ways such as on-the-job and off-the-job training, workshops, on-campus and off-campus courses, compliance training, induction, coaching, mentoring and sponsored outside study. The last of these is the least expensive and most effective method of getting your employees’ learning and development under way, otherwise known as conferences. It is the organization’s responsibility to ensure the employee is equipped with the necessary knowledge and skill to meetRead More

6 ways to use Micro Learning

Posted by Richard Blank   on July 26, 2017
Category :People Technology
  Your customer service staff works on the front lines of your organization. They are the ones that keep customers happy and loyal by addressing their needs and helping them stay well-informed. As such, they need access to quick online training resources that they can access anywhere, even in the middle of a transaction. In this article, I’ll highlight 6 ways that you can use microlearning in customer service online training.   How To Use MicrolearningRead More
Systematic and periodic appraisal is necessary to assess the employee performance and identify the scope for improvement. This will, in turn, help employees grow and develop into bigger contributors to your organization. The general procedure used to carry out this assessment is as follows: 1. Analyze the performance of the resource based on the goals and targets set for the period under assessment 2. Compare the resource’s compensation to his/her performance 3. Offer guidance inRead More
Merg­ers are easier said than done. Making two diverse groups work together has been tough for more than 2,000 years. Alexander conquests has been more than any­one be­fore him. He tried various strategies to keep his conquest safe which was not very popular amongst his people. He adopted the cloth­ing and cus­toms of these “bar­bar­ians” and even mar­ried their women. Alexan­der in­sisted that his Mace­don­ian troops ac­cept Asians and Per­sians as equals, even as su­pe­ri­ors.Read More
Top HR Onboarding Systems
Taking onboard, the new employees, a few years back, was a long-drawn-out and monotonous exercise for the HR teams.  The new recruits too, found it unexciting as in those days, all those numerous compliance and legal documents and benefit and tax forms which had to be manually filled in. Onboarding Software Today, onboarding solutions can accelerate this process, allowing the fresh hires to complete these formalities in much quicker time. Current generation of onboarding toolsRead More
Introduction: As the industry continues to grow and expand, businesses have begun to search for new ways to market to audiences so they can expand their reach to previously unreachable places and markets. They are looking for means to turn their viewers into long time committed customers. This has allowed several big and small businesses to overlap with other industries and emerge with new ways to get more people to interact with them. This includesRead More
Human capital is the business’s core asset. In most cases, it is the major contributor to its operating expense. A well-designed compensation plan is an absolute requirement to survive in today’s competitive environment to attract and retain talent, manage their costs and ensure equity.  Employers should institute a compensation philosophy to ensure that their employees are neither overpaid – eroding the bottom-line – nor are they underpaid, eroding the resource pool. A host of optionsRead More