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Current-age business practices are characterized by competitiveness, creativity, and advertising campaigns that display higher focus and depths of research. Given that innumerable businesses and products now pack the online sphere, a brand must execute product presentation and marketing that truly stands out due to its originality, and how loudly it resonates with a target audience.

Most online businesses are driven by metrics and analytics that clearly represent the preferences and patterns of any intended audience. It is for this reason that content marketing has picked up pace and speed as of late. A staggering 70% of Internet users in the United States shopped online in 2015, and these rising numbers have made the speed, ease of access, and appeal of content marketing software all the more heightened.

Content marketing is essentially defined as a business or marketing practice that produces and distributes content that is both relevant and valuable for a clearly defined and analyzed target audience. The purpose of this practice is to attract, obtain, and engage intended audiences. Hence the theory behind content marketing aims to both acquire newer audiences, and keep existing ones engaged.

Online businesses now exist as viable sources of income, and larger retailers and companies deal in billions with revenue generated online. Keeping these developments in mind, it then becomes necessary to compare and evaluate the best content marketing software currently available, and guide individuals and businesses on how to select the correct software for themselves.


  1. ClearVoice

Effective content marketing practices would ideally aim to attract and engage target audiences without directly pitching products and services. This places the importance of the content in the marketing practice at the forefront. With software like ClearVoice, the system itself is primed to place the content before robotic marketing gimmicks, and provides a smooth and sound platform for content marketers and creators alike.

ClearVoice quite easily tops the list since it is best described as a comprehensive content marketing eco-system. The remarkably efficient and flexible software is paired with a community and marketplace that is capable of hosting content creators, employers, and publishers alike. For content creators, the marketplace offers a range of areas and entities to contribute for. The community aspect aids content producers in forging stronger freelance relationships and networking contacts.

For the businesses operating via this medium, ClearVoice offers metrics and services that allow any brand to study consumer patterns, opinion influencers, and trending topics. The community and marketplace conjoin to connect employers with suitable content creators that are able to meet their deadlines, budget, and demands.

What sets ClearVoice apart from other software is how the comprehensive eco-system is packed into one place, and is easily accessible for all the elements that help in making any content marketing campaign a success.


  1. HubSpot

A favorite for businesses looking to engage in a thorough content marketing campaign, HubSpot provides all the support and tools one would require in order to create and publish relevant content. Like ClearVoice, the software offers analytics and metrics to better understand a target audience’s preferences and biases. The social media analytics in particular assist marketers in studying audience patterns online, and publish content directly onto social media platforms and accounts. This feature in particular makes the publishing aspect of the marketing efforts markedly more seamless, and publishers are able to pinpoint which social networking platform to exactly target with the help of the analytics services.

HubSpot also boasts a reliable customer support system, and is a solid option for businesses looking to market independently.

  1. Outbrain

This alternative is specifically for marketers that have managed to produce the correct content, but are not sure where exactly to publish it and begin the process. This is particularly true for smaller businesses that are new to the sphere of content marketing; despite the hours poured into creating SEO-optimized content, crunching metrics and analyzing data, a marketer would be lost were it not for software like Outbrain.

Outbrain is a simple yet effective platform which features and recommends content. Though other software may be limited to articles and blog posts, Outbrain offers the added advantage of being able to host video and infographics as well. If a marketer is able to pay for it, the platform even offers an additional service of hiking up audience views and clicks as suggested or recommended content.

  1. TrackMaven

Though ClearVoice and HubSpot both offer added features to assist content marketers in producing thoroughly-researched content, TrackMaven proves to be the go-to for marketers and businesses looking to create effective content. The software provides all the information and insight required to help marketers make informed decisions about topics they wish to pursue, and how and where to publish their content. With 24/7 available live customer support, TrackMaven is a great option for marketers wishing to enter the market fully prepared.

  1. BuzzSumo

This software is another lucrative option for content marketers, and it hinges solely on providing analytics related to social media platforms. Much like TrackMaven, though fully focused on social media metrics, BuzzSumo provides content creators and publishers the necessary information needed to market content. The software recommends which social networking platforms are the most lucrative and frequented by a specific audience, and which social may carry more influencers and opinion-leaders. BuzzSumo advises on how to title and format content to appeal to specific social media audiences, so that published content garners the most attention and views.


Choosing the best software fit depends on a content marketing campaign’s individual and unique requirements. A business, for example, may prioritize budgeting and pricing. In this case they may look into software which provides free one-month trials, or services at competitive rates.

Others may wish to rely heavily on a marketplace of professional content creators, in which case they may take to options such as ClearVoice. The bottom-line whittles down to what a publisher is looking for. Hence, it is best to evaluate the needs and aims of a business before taking on a content marketing campaign. Does your campaign rely more on social media and related metrics? Is self-creating content a viable option?

Conclusively, Hubspot and ClearVoice provides the best software alternative, as it packs various essential aspects onto a singular platform. Depending on individual requirements, the other four options may place second or third, though ClearVoice evidently delivers all the essential tools a content marketer needs.



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