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As the industry continues to grow and expand, businesses have begun to search for new ways to market to audiences so they can expand their reach to previously unreachable places and markets. They are looking for means to turn their viewers into long time committed customers. This has allowed several big and small businesses to overlap with other industries and emerge with new ways to get more people to interact with them. This includes the automation of marketing.

If you are a business looking to do so as well, then it may prove to be confusing at first as there are hundreds of automation software products. To help you choose the one that suits your business best, we have compiled a comparison of the top 5 marketing software currently available in the market.


The Adobe Marketing Cloud or the Adobe Campaign is a great tool when it comes to user friendliness. The platform is super easy to use. One of the features that especially stands out is that it allows you to view and manage data analytics, track progress and emails, and manage data all at once, from a single platform.


Despite being new, InfusionSoft is quickly climbing the ranks. Advanced tools such as tracking and sales management are present which are very neatly arranged and it also allows you to build a sequenced campaign for your business. The ability to map out each and every step of your campaign allows you to carefully decide and implement your plan of action. Although one may argue that it is a bit expensive.


Hubspot is fairly popular when it comes to small businesses. The reason is that the interface is incredibly easy to use as well as informative. It explains in detail which tool to utilize to attract the maximum amount of customers and track and manage your campaigns effectively. Although many face some problems with the reporting feature of the software, it is still very popular amongst the masses.


Eloqua is also amongst the leaders when it comes to marketing automation software. Eloqua is a simple software with straightforward results that help you to keep it simple. An elaborate dashboard allows you to keep track of all of your email campaigns. The analytics received are also of high quality to determine the effectiveness of your campaign. Although one might complain that the software is a bit slow.


iContact is an affordable way to manage and track your email marketing campaigns. At a great price, you can receive a host of features that are quite exceptional and effective. It checks for spam, has a great survey program, and allows you to track emails sent to customers. iContact also has great tutorials to get you going on your way with the software.


The growth of marketing automation software is inevitable and certainly undeniable. Day by day, more and more businesses look to join forces with vendors who may help them to automate their means of marketing. It is important to choose the software best suited for your budget and business goals.


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